Reference manual

There is a reference manual that follows the development. This manual is part of the source distribution. Make sure that your copy matches the binary! You can find details here. The manual is also part of the ConTeXt distribution.

The snapshot manual (in pdf format) is automatically updated from the source in the repository, but nothing in it should be considered stable. The way things are right now, the actual binary is the definitive answer to what luatex does or does not do.

Talks and papers by Taco, Hartmut and Hans (for other related talks (and talks by others) we refer to user group sites):

There have been regular reports at BachoTeX, EuroTeX, ConTeXt and other user group meetings as well as in TUGboat by Hans. This is a continuing story and summaries can be found in the ConTeXt development histories, the mk.pdf (upto 0.50), hybrid.pdf (upto 0.75), about.pdf (upto 0.90) and still.pdf (upto 1.00) documents while onandon.pdf will discuss the follow up. Most of these are part of the ConTeXt distribution.

More information can be found in publications by (local) TeX user groups, in TeX distributions and all over the web. Normally talks are collected on the websites of user groups. There is also a wiki.